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    Welcome to Masters of the Universe!  We are a guild dedicated to providing our members with the opportunity to experience everything Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and its expansion Rise of the Godslayer has to offer.  Whether you are a casual player who visits Hyboria a few times a week or a hardcore gamer that is dedicated to ensuring that Tyranny never forgets your name, we are here to provide members to group, raid, pvp, and seige with and to organize events that ensure a fun environment for every type of gamer. 

   Masters of the Universe is as open as a guild can be.  If all you want to do is PvP, kill to your hearts content! We have members who will be happy to help you rule White Sands, Wild Lands, Noble District, Keshetta, Northern Grasslands, Mini-games, or any other area you choose! Even ganking is tolerated to a reasonable extent.  Are you after the top raid gear?  We have members ready and waiting to charge into the deepest dungeons to retrieve the most powerful equipment and most precious treasures the world of Hyboria has to offer!   

    Masters of the Universe is not just a guild, but a brotherhood of players endeavoring to enjoy every minute we spend playing the game we all love and make new friends in the process.  Our members will be there to group with you, our officers will be there to ensure that if you need advice you'll get it, and our leaders will be there to organize events and provide assistance to you and everyone you play with.  All we ask is that you treat everyone in the guild with respect, follow the few simple rules outlined in the guild charter, and enjoy their time on AoC as much as possible,

Guild News


DynamiteDan, Jun 9, 10 1:02 PM.
Through a reunion with an old freind, Lyzard, Masters has retrieved its old guild city!  We now have a T2 city for use by our guild! Everyone should drop the current guild tag and message Arianis, Quinoa, or Rothless by in game tell or email to get an invite.  Masters of the Universe is on the rise and with the new T2 city we will have more recruiting power than ever!  We now are looking for T3 resources: Gold, Basalt, Oak, and electrum to build the last stages of our city.  This is a huge leap forward in our quest to dominate Tyranny.


DynamiteDan, Jun 3, 10 1:23 PM.
    Masters of the Universe is now collecting resources to build the T1 guild city.  It is a testament to how quickly MotU is growing that we are able to start building our city only a few short days after forming the guild.  We need help from all our members to raise the money and resources necessary to begin building and DKP will be awarded to any guild member who helps out.  The following resources are necessary to build the Keep, class, and tradeskill buildings to T1.
Ash: 630
Copper: 440
Silver: 210
Sandstone: 800
We also need roughly 18 gold for plans.
This will allow us to build all the guild buildings, each of which provides all our members with buffs and allows our crafters access to higher level trade skills.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DynamiteDan, Jun 2, 10 11:20 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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